We the People-Eugene will host a gathering of Oregon state Move to Amend affiliates and partner affiliates on October 5, 2013.  The purpose of this gathering is to decide the next steps for Move to Amend groups in Oregon.

A coalition involving Oregon Move to Amend groups and others, Oregonians for Restoring Constitutional Democracy (http://www.oregonrestoresdemocracy.org/), formed to successfully get the Oregon legislature to pass House Joint Memorial 6 (HJM 6), which calls on Congress to pass a constitutional amendment clarifying that corporations don’t have the same rights as real people, and that political money should be regulated.  Oregon becomes the 16th state to make a call for a similar amendment.

We the People-Eugene provided educational activities which led to the growth of We the People PAC.  We the People PAC is an advocacy group which is responsible for getting Measure 20-198 on the ballot in Eugne.

Eugene voters, on November 6, 2012, overwhelmingly voted yes (73.5% to 26.5%) on measure 20-198, an advisory question on corporate/union constitutional rights and campaign spending:

Shall Congress send to States constitutional amendment reversing negative impact of the Citizens United case and limit independent campaign spending?

See advisory vote details for more information.


We the People – Eugene is a grassroots network of citizens fighting corporate rule in all areas of politics and life. Research, community education, activist training, coalition building and multi-faceted, innovative community outreach are the hallmarks of our approach to social justice in the Eugene Oregon area.

We the People – Eugene was founded in 2011 as a nonprofit, independent coalition of individuals and groups responding to the growing devastation caused by growing wealth inequality, corrupt elections, and other adverse results of bad corporate behaviors that seriously harm the public good.

We the People – Eugene was also organized to facilitate a constitutional amendment process to reverse Supreme Court interpretations granting corporations the same constitutional rights as people, including the 2010 Citizens United ruling that allows unlimited corporate spending for or against individuals seeking public office.

We are determined, however, to pursue all alternatives that will eliminate the excessive influence of moneyed interests that now govern our politics, distort our priorities and remove common sense from our domestic and foreign policies

We are a local affiliate of the nation-wide movement Move to Amend.  Please see MovetoAmend.org for more information.




  • Dave Ivan Piccioni

    finished watching “Jesus Camp” an evangelical christian documentary
    that focuses on indoctrinating young kids into a bullshit brainwash.
    They are against abortion, pro-Bush and helped Alito into the Supreme
    Court. I think they are a force to be reckoned with. They have a lot of
    energy, base their teachings from the bible (as the word of God) and try
    to cram Jesus as the only way to salvation. They are anti-evolution
    (creationists). I think we should approach them calmly look them in the
    eye and if we believe in God (I do) tell them its not anthropomorphic
    but we believe in an organizational intelligence that permeates the
    world. The world was created in millions of years (not 7) and there is a
    spiritual component to evolution (just the fact that atoms in all their
    complexity exist is proof) I think that what I believe (science and
    buddhism) has enough overlap to make a relation possible. Dave Ivan

  • Curtis_JB


    How can you be pro God (Creator) and pro abortion at the same time?? Killing human life is killing human life, ESPECIALLY defenseless little ones!! And anti-Bush is no problem with me, but pro Obama IS…..