Our Mission:

The mission of We the People Eugene is to create democracy by building social movements dedicated to:

  1. Ending the excessive influence of corporations and other moneyed interests over our political and economic systems, and
  2. Building peoples-based democratic communities founded on the natural rights of humans and the environment.


We believe:

  • that America was founded on the principles of government by and for the people, with politicians accountable to We the People.
  • that the single greatest threat to this principle is the rapidly expanding role of excessive individual and corporate money  in politics and government.
  • that a most alarming example of that threat is the 2010 Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court, which opens the floodgates to unlimited corporate spending on political campaigns.
  • it is self-evident that corporations are not persons!  Thus, we believe that the only organizations that should be allowed to spend money to influence government and political decisions are people united for the purpose of expressing jointly held political views.
  • that while corporations can play a productive role in society, they should not be allowed to bribe our politicians, distort our politics, and take power from local people and communities.
  • that a broad-based non-partisan movement is necessary to restore and protect our democracy.